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Jammin' for DJB "Live"

Dixie Jam Band


When Riff West decided to take action and come to the aid of an ill friend, no one had any idea that the fund raising event would set the Southern Rock world on it's ear, reuniting the original members of Molly Hatchet and a slew of other friends to raise money for Hatchet's founding lead singer, Danny Joe Brown. Brown suffered a severe stroke in 1998, brought about by a lifetime battle with diabetes.

The concert benefit was staged at Club LaVela in Orlando, Florida on July 18, 1999, and brought Southern Rockers in from all around the world. The show they witnessed that night was a once in a lifetime event, featuring The Southern Rock Allstars, Captain Beyond, Pat Travers, Artimus Pyle and many others. (A soon to be released video tape will include highlights of the evening).  But the undisputed stars of the show were The Dixie Jam Band, whose set is featured on this CD.  (For information on ordering the CD, click here.)

The Dixie Jam Band features all of the original members of Molly Hatchet, Dave Hlubeck, Steve Holland, Banner Thomas, Bruce Crump, Jimmy Farrar and Riff West. Duane Roland, who couldn't make the gig, came in later and added guitar to the live mix. The DJB also features Jay Johnson and Jak Spires and Glen Vandervoort.

The set kicks off with "Bloody Reunion," and the smoke doesn't clear until it's all over. The DJB rock through "All Over Now," "Bounty Hunter," "Gator Country," "Dreams I'll Never See," "Whiskey Man," and an awesome cover of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" before Jimmy Farrar sings his own "Beatin' the Odds." Emotions run high as the evenings happy surprise transpires. Riff West brings Danny Joe himself onstage to sing "Flirtin with Disaster." After delivering a touching spiritual testimony, Danny Joe manages to overcome his pain just long enough to rock it out one more time, while the audience sings along in support. It is at once heartbreaking and triumphant. While it is sad that Danny Joe no longer has the energy to do what he does best, it is a triumph of the human spirit to hear him beat the odds and deliver one hundred and ten percent, as he always has.

All proceeds from the sale of "Jammin' for DJB," like all profits from the show, will go to aid Danny Joe and help offset medical bills. It's a wonderful way for fans to say "thank you," while still getting to enjoy time and time again, one incredible evening of music by one of the South's finest bands.

-Michael B. Smith   GRITZ -"The Magazine of Good Southern Music"